Dark Snowge, much like regular Snowge, only darker.

Introducing SnowgeSwap — the floofiest DEX on the Binance Smart Chain! Now you can make transactions against that delicious V1 liquidity pool without any unsightly messages, and have a floofy time doing it!

We’ve replaced the Pancake buy link with our own link to SnowgeSwap, so you can use our…

Floofy Gang! Floofy Gang! Floofy Gang!

Dear Floofs,

Actually, we now have.. 5,164 Unique Holders!! So excite… much wow…

Yikes! I let the old country accent slip out. Let’s not forget to spare a thought for big sis Kabosu, she’s still doing very well these days~! ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨

This time, I bring you…

Your stalwart watch on the walls will soon bear fruit!

Phew~! Hello again Floofy Gang, you!

We’re at 3000+ hodlers, and things are getting rea — lly hot now. Maybe a.. doggy nap.. after things are packed away?

IndaCoin will soon be premiering their DEX platform IndaSwap, and which floofy token to better be in the spotlight? We’re all ready…

We’ve had this ol’ frosty banner around for ages! I’ll show it some love.

Dear Floofs,

It’s that time again~! Samo’ reporting in once more, let’s start with a recap over the last fortnight!

A few small improvements, such as having an Icon on Trustwallet and PancakeSwap now, a few articles and shoutouts from other Crypto influencers, such as CommunityCoinWars and CaptainJack (thank you…

What’s around the corner? NFTs? eSports? Merchandise? Exchange Listings?

Community Artist Bongchild does it again! NFTs when!?

We number 2300+ strong! Floofy Gang! Floofy Gang!


Hello again, dear Floofs!

We’re back at it again, with another recap and teaser! From our community by our community for our community! That’s a mouthful! Anyways, we’re showing you a small…

And this is just our basic roadmap! For more details, visit our site and see what’s on our interactive roadmap!

Dear Floofs,

The devfloofs have been working hard behind closed doors to make sure what we’re about to launch is not only polished, but shares the values that our community…

We’ll have our own floofs to snap a pic of. Soon.

The Floofy one rises.

SnowgeCoin began as a fork of the SafeMoon project, following in the footsteps and naming conventions of other doggy meme currencies like DogeCoin and Hoge. We pay our respects to our doggy meme ancestors.

The snuggly, derpy, floofy Snowge is our memetic masterpiece carefully groomed to win over the market…

Samoyed McFloofy

Hi there! I’m Samoyed McFloofy, cousin of Snowge McFloofy. He’s given me the mission of sharing all the floofy news to everyone! Floofs get it done!

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