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Samoyed McFloofy
4 min readApr 6, 2021

What’s around the corner? NFTs? eSports? Merchandise? Exchange Listings?

Community Artist Bongchild does it again! NFTs when!?

We number 2300+ strong! Floofy Gang! Floofy Gang!


Hello again, dear Floofs!

We’re back at it again, with another recap and teaser! From our community by our community for our community! That’s a mouthful! Anyways, we’re showing you a small peek at the potential many many designs we’ve planned to be minted. You might have seen some of these in our Telegram already!

Lots of things to change, gotta make sure it’s all above board.

So far, our community artfloofs have designed 3 sets, not only restricted to digital cardboard, with more in the works. If you want your floofy designs to be considered, please send it to any one of our admins via any of our channels, or contact us at our official inbox:[admin@snowgecoin.com] for more details.

Please remember though, our projects are community funded so we’re not currently taking any artwork that’s for sale unless it’s absolutely amazing, and even then it’ll be paid for via the community wallet only if it’s approved.

But don’t worry! Artists submitting their work (and proof of work) will receive copies of their arts’ NFTs minted for their own use, so invest in the community, and the community will invest in you!

The first of many, may they live long, and prosper. — Floofy McSpock

In other news, Team Snowge placed 2nd at the recent Community Invitational DeFi Dog Esports Tournament hosted by our doggy friends over at Hoge! In a riveting exchange of flipping and kicking, Team Hoge placed 1st, Snowge 2nd, Pit 3rd and Poodl 4th. Notice the trend? Woof!

Here’s the VOD for any who missed it~!

A massive cuddly congratulations to all players involved, especially our floofy Snowge players: Poland Springs, dgrawns, and Plungerz! Another thank you, to all of our backup players too!

Community enrichment remains one of our greatest goals at Snowge, and we’re looking forward to the next Invitational series! I’ve heard rumors that it might be just as ‘Smash’ing next time. Might be wrong though!

Just a few super early mockups of what’s being planned!

Woof! Merchandise! Doesn’t my face look amazing on some of these people sized apparel? This is an early prototype image we have from the community, and we’ve been working with members involved in production to get some goods ready for our floofy gang!

These will be sold to generate further community funds as well as support animal shelters, so keep your eyes peeled on our website! We’ll start with small batches, which will fund our entry into larger productions whilst maintaining high product quality. Only the best threads for our floofy gang! Just look at these!


For this week’s recap finale, we’re excited to announce that we have officially been working with three popular exchanges to get SnowgeCoin listed within their trading markets!

Our most promising exchange thus far is IndaCoin! London based exchange with a Fiat on & off ramp built-in. They’ve reached out to us, and have offered us some incredibly cool options for listing!

We’re also tentatively approved to immediately list on Bilaxy as soon as we have sufficient community funds to do so!

And lastly, WhiteBit negotiations are still underway, but they’ve gotten news to us that they’re soon implementing native BNB trading pairs on their exchange, so stay tuned! That’s most likely the timing we’re looking for!

Are there any other exchanges you want to see us listed on? Talk to us via any of our socials!

That’s it for this week’s recap! Let me know via any of the channels below if you feel I’ve missed anything, or have something you want to share with us in the Floofy Gang!

Wanna get involved?! Reach out to any of us, or even the community on any of our platforms! Floofs lead the way! Floofs get it done!

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