Forget PancakeSwap, we’re now serving orders at SnowgeSwap!

No more weird unsightly comments from the pancake overlords!

Samoyed McFloofy
1 min readMay 14, 2021
Dark Snowge, much like regular Snowge, only darker.

Introducing SnowgeSwap — the floofiest DEX on the Binance Smart Chain! Now you can make transactions against that delicious V1 liquidity pool without any unsightly messages, and have a floofy time doing it!

We’ve replaced the Pancake buy link with our own link to SnowgeSwap, so you can use our website to access your Snowge trades as usual, only snazzier.

Go check it out!



Same usual rules apply! Connect your Binance Smart Chain wallet, maybe adjust your slippage to how you like it, and away you go~!

If you want to trade other tokens for Snowge, or vice-versa, just paste their contract address into the search bar!

Wanna get involved?! Reach out to any of us, or even the community on any of our platforms! Floofs lead the way! Floofs get it done!

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Twitter: @SnowgeCoin
Reddit: /r/snowgecoin
Instagram: SnowgeCoin
Youtube: Youtube SnowgeGaming
CoinMarketCap: SnowgeCoin
CoinGecko: SnowgeCoin
CoinsBit Exchange: SNOWGE



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