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IndaSwap, CoinsBit, Collaborations, PCS v2.

Samoyed McFloofy
4 min readApr 29, 2021
Your stalwart watch on the walls will soon bear fruit!

Phew~! Hello again Floofy Gang, you!

We’re at 3000+ hodlers, and things are getting rea — lly hot now. Maybe a.. doggy nap.. after things are packed away?

IndaCoin will soon be premiering their DEX platform IndaSwap, and which floofy token to better be in the spotlight? We’re all ready to have our best toothy smiles for our showtime! moment, but just to be sure we’re all on the same page, here’s a transcript of the details some floofs may have missed from our Telegram AMA with IndaSwap!

A bit barebones, but nothing dry about this bone!

We’ve dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s, put paws to ink, signed and bound one of our own’s identity.. to the unlimited, unknown, final frontier.

Whispers have spread throughout Telegram and Discord, confirmations and curt nods beget further rumors on our latest SnowgeGaming broadcast..

With CoinsBit, we’re ready to bring our community to our next stage, the open world of centralized exchange, to demonstrate that Snowge has what it takes to make it, and more! Our journey is not finished, we will brave evermore frontiers that no other BSC doggo dares to.

We’re coming to a CoinsBit Exchange near you~! This Friday the 30th of April is when Snowge debuts to a new set of candles to frolic amidst! Please continue to support us as we make the transition into bigger spaces for bigger zoomies!

As we’ll be getting a few weeks of CoinsBit marketing as part of our welcome package, remember to take part in the trading competitions for some of our cuddliest rewards yet! Do also remember that transfers into and out of the exchange is still subject to the Snowge reflective randomized tx fee!

More details on what the marketing package entails and how to trade on CoinsBit will be following in another article shortly!

Two communities meet.. both celebrate one another!

Nyan~! A hearty and floofy congratulations to the winners of the collaborative joint meme contest between NCAT and Snowge! We’re proud of both communities for coming together and having a great time regardless of their preference in companion animals.

Check out their community over at [NCAT]!

Some may remember a cryptic reference to scythes from my last communication, know that we’re still plodding along and sniffing around, so for now, it’s simply my floofy mug on yet another community front end! A kind thank-you to ApoYield for giving us a gentle plug on their Swap UI!

Check out their farming community! We love what they’ve done with the realm’s decor, wonder if they need any guardfloofs? [ApoYield]

There is another tentative collaboration we have with another project that we can’t spill too many beans on.. one that we’ve been working with in cloudy shadows for some time now, and all will be revealed when development gives me the greenlight for take-off.

Some may feel that this project is illogical and unsound, others may be curious to see if there’s any new toys for us? That’s all the hints I’ll raise today!

PCS v2, and beyond?

Many floofs were caught by surprise by the short notice deployment of PCS v2, but fear not! To continue trading Snowge, simply toggle the v1 switch on the PCS interface on the bottom of the page. If trading via 1inch, or APOSoul swap, they’re already natively set to v1 (as of writing!).

Some of our floofs may have already started wondering what impacts v2 of PCS has for our community, and for now the Devfloofs have decided that we’ll leave it alone until PCS is ready to bring all existing Liquidity Pools to the next stage, together.

Remember that Snowge is a ownership and dev LP renounced token and we’ve locked PCS liquidity for 5 years. This is the foundational bed of our fair community, and we’re proud of what we did to keep it that way.

To migrate to v2 would require an active channel with PCS or a vetted automated process.

We’ve got bigger goals on the roadmap, and PCS v1 still serves our community just as well. For now we’re focusing on making sure our transitions to new exchanges go as smoothly as our organic growth on BSC.

We’re simple floofs! If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

That doesn’t mean that we’ll never transition to v2, but we’re willing to wait until the wider BSC community has taken a sniff and deemed v2 safe of bugs and fleas.

Wanna get involved?! Reach out to any of us, or even the community on any of our platforms! Floofs lead the way! Floofs get it done!

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