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Roadmap! Audit! Highlights!

Samoyed McFloofy
2 min readMar 26, 2021

And this is just our basic roadmap! For more details, visit our site and see what’s on our interactive roadmap!

Dear Floofs,

The devfloofs have been working hard behind closed doors to make sure what we’re about to launch is not only polished, but shares the values that our community stand for. The sequencing on our roadmap reflects what we think the timing is, but it may happen sooner, or be pushed behind other tasks depending on how the community feels.

So, we’re bringing you an update!

We’ve since got our results back from our very first code audit! Techrate has supplied us with our results and they match up with what we’re seeing as well. We’re in the clear there, and the code is sound, so we can sleep on that just as soundly. So, thank you to all of the floofs, as that was our first successful community funded project!

The first of many floofy endeavors.

Community Highlights

🎨 Some of our floofs are so passionate about our cause, they’ve picked up their brushes in their jaws and have taken to the canvas!

Please show them some love at !
*twitch twitch* Thanks Bongchild#6975 !
Awoooo~! Thanks to Herman#3226 on our community discord!

Please also check out the memes in our #media channel on our community Discord, as well as the fabulous sticker collection we’ve gotten from community artists on our Telegram chat group!

Wanna get involved?! Reach out to any of us, or even the community on any of our platforms! Floofs lead the way! Floofs get it done!

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