Hello from Snowge! Floof!

SnowgeCoin, the deflationary, auto-compounding, floofy meme currency.

Samoyed McFloofy
5 min readMar 25, 2021
We’ll have our own floofs to snap a pic of. Soon.

The Floofy one rises.

SnowgeCoin began as a fork of the SafeMoon project, following in the footsteps and naming conventions of other doggy meme currencies like DogeCoin and Hoge. We pay our respects to our doggy meme ancestors.

The snuggly, derpy, floofy Snowge is our memetic masterpiece carefully groomed to win over the market with virtuous memes and comfiness. Let’s get into what their role as your new best pal in Defi is.

Why did we adopt Snowge?

Aren’t there like, dozens of Safemoon git-forks already?

Are they as floofy? As meme-o-graphic? We didn’t think so.

As mentioned above, we love doggo memes. We think they’re great and that they’ll never betray you, never give you up, never let you down, never run arou-, wait. Never desert you. Ahem.

Our team has seen a lot in the crypto space. Ponzis, Scams, Rugs, you name it. We found the WarOnRugs, tokensniffer, and other individuals and groups that felt this was damaging the ecosystem of crypto as a whole. We wanted a project that was both value generating and also completely community owned, that was also capable of, and willing to do good for it’s community.

So we made a token, one of the floofs, by the floofs, for the floofs.

And rather importantly, we’re not infringing Intellectual Property rights, so we can meme as hard as we want without worrying about the law in that regard.

Tokenomics & Floofy Magic: the Primer.

There are a total of 1,000,000,000 floofs (SNOWGE) in existence.

15,000,000 Snowge were sent to guard the address of the 0x-dead, and to keep them company. You can see their journey here:

500,000,000 Snowge were adopted by owners in the presale at DxSales.

The rest of them were allocated work in the liquidity pool, but you can already see that most of them already been adopted and now work for their holders. Now, how do they work?

We’ve groomed them to operate with a unique feature: randomized transaction fees. Whenever a user performs a transaction using SnowgeCoin, Snowge McFloofy (my cousin!) takes a bite out of it as a delicious fee, depending on how hungry he is! This also acts to bite pests such as bots trying to take advantage of the platform.

Fees are charged based on the current block height, and charge one of: 2%, 4%, 6%, or 8% of the total transaction value.

Half of the transaction fee will be added to the BNB/SNOWGE liquidity pool on PancakeSwap, further increasing the value of existing tokens, and the other half of the transaction fee will be redistributed to SnowgeCoin holders.

These mechanics allow SnowgeCoin to act as a deflationary auto-staking currency, where the number of tokens in holder’s wallets will increase with every transaction, thus generating yield value for their respective holders.

This encourages holding Snowge, as the amount of Snowge you own will automatically grow over time! So, more floofs! Yay!

So please kindly do remember — Snowge is for snuggling, not selling!

Hey! We let the floofs out!

We deployed by launching from DxSales, an honorable and stalwart provider of support to new token makers. They’re the best, and we knew we were in good hands even when things looked like a floofy mess.

We allocated 500,000,000 tokens to the presale for a total of 50 BNB, 0.1 BNB per share of 1,000,000 floofs in pristine form, to a total of 500 floof adopters. 3 minutes after we opened the gates, every floof had an owner. We hope that by the time you’ve read this, that each floof has been picked up from the Dxsales address.

We were planning to finalize the sale much later, but we didn’t think the sale would sell out so fast, or at all. So we finalized the deployment in under 3 hours as we started spinning up more socials and project awareness.

With the finalization of the DxSales launch, the remaining liquidity was transferred and made available for purchase via Pancakeswap.

As some of you are already aware, we found something in Safemoon’s code a little after our launch, and made an executive decision that compromised none of our values and integrity, but more importantly, our project’s.

The other half of the transaction fees weren’t being transferred to a locked or ownerless or PancakeSwap controlled address. They were naturally being added to liquidity as part of the AMM exchange process, but that liquidity was being sent to an address under our ownership. It meant that we could’ve made off with the entirety of those funds by simply unpairing and selling all the snowge in that address.

This design is native to safemoon and all safemoon forks, we checked, so can you.

So, we renounced it all. We sent all the Liquidity that was amassing in that address to the 0x-dead burn address, then transferred ownership of the address in question to 0x-dead.

As of that moment, we were operating completely non profit as devs. Paws clean. Funds were safu. Just as we intended.

For those curious, it was about $18,000 in liquidity, which at the time of this post would now have been worth $450,000 to $500,000. I hope this proves that we’re onto something, that the community rewards selflessness and virtue. It doesn’t have to be just about the gains, it helps, but there’s so much more to it.

Where are we now? Where are we going?

It’s been an amazing 4 days and some, thus far.

Our community grew so fast that we feel incredibly validated in our decision to try something self-motivated by something that wasn’t just money.

As of this moment as I sit here tapping away, we have other devfloofs writing webcode, working on the donation contract, responding to emails with exchanges and cryptolists, answering questions in our community, reaching out to new communities, making floofy memes and loving every minute of it, even though we could use a dognap.

if you want to learn more, here are our other communication channels:

🧩 Social Media:
Twitter: @SnowgeCoin
Reddit: /r/SnowgeCoin
Discord: https://discord.gg/qy3ymqazeJ
Telegram: t.me/snowgecoin
Website: https://snowge.xyz

Please follow our Roadmap on our site and keep up to date with announcements on our Twitter, Telegram, SubReddit and Discord.



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