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IndaSwap! CoinsBit? NFTs! More eSports? Updated Website~!

Samoyed McFloofy
4 min readApr 19, 2021
We’ve had this ol’ frosty banner around for ages! I’ll show it some love.

Dear Floofs,

It’s that time again~! Samo’ reporting in once more, let’s start with a recap over the last fortnight!

A few small improvements, such as having an Icon on Trustwallet and PancakeSwap now, a few articles and shoutouts from other Crypto influencers, such as CommunityCoinWars and CaptainJack (thank you all so very kindly!). Our floofy gang packs 2600+ strong now, amazing natural growth, just like my floofy coat, warm and soft all over.

Ahem, moving onto our major news, we’re happy to announce that IndaCoin has launched their IndaSwap Platform, and will be adding our floofy token as it’s first partner!

We’re roaming the globe, floofs leading the way!

We truly appreciate IndaCoin’s welcoming guidance into our first centralized ecosystem, but have no fear! It’s still the same comfortable DeFi environment we were born in, just easier to get into with our preferred plastic payment method.

So, stay tuned for our official launch on IndaSwap! We’ve got events, competitions, and possibly some ‘IndaCollectables’ to be minted for the big occasion!

We’re looking forward to seeing other tokens join us on the IndaSwap platform, but for now, Floofs lead the way!

Precious few of this NFT were forged — A hidden function to bring them all, and in the floofyness, bind them.

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening in our Telegram, this should be familiar! If it isn’t, fear not! This is the first NFT we minted outside the Testnet realm, forged as a token of appreciation to members of the development team and for the community leads! The remaining 3 copies were exchanged for donations into our community fund! A kind thank-you to the floofs that now codl this mark of appreciation! They now all share in the ability to pet the precious, however one may do so only once every 24 hours.

Some of our savvy floofs may already know what’s coming up next. Yes! We’re very close to deploying our Snowge NFT Minting Contracts! Keep an eye out for announcements and updates in our Telegram and Discord! In the meantime, we’re oldschool style minting and issuing some NFTs to help fundraise for our biggest endeavor yet.. find out further below!

“All the intervening layers slipped away, and I lost myself in the game within the game.”

Just a little something we’re slowly putting together for our floofs. To make some more sense of it, we’ve got another clip below!

Floofy. Twitchy. Glory.

If any floofs want in on this new glorious community led adventure, please do enquire in Discord or Telegram and if you feel it’s necessary, send us your gamer info! In the coming week or two, we’ll be looking to setup our SnowgeGaming channel on Discord! Serious Gamer floof? Casual floof? Gold Farmer floof? Dark Gamer floof? Hear my floofy decree: We want all of you!

Come meet our crew @ https://snowgecoin.com/team
Come meet our crew!

We’ve zoomed really far.. and still have a long zoomy ways to go! Check out our updated website, at our new domain: [www.snowgecoin.com]!

Updated website features include: new Roadmap Updates, a Team Profile page, the new NFT Zone, and a whole host of new spiffy interactive UI changes!

Right now our floofy team is showing off our sparkling coats of fur (including me!), but that’s not forever. As we continue to flesh out our roadmap at a blistering pace, we’re drawing closer and closer to shedding our coats of anonymity for the greater floofy good.

A truly pleasant kind of surprise.

I know, I know. What about WhiteBit? Bilaxy? Please trust us, fellow floofs.

A lot of foundational work has been going on in the background, and Eggs (our lead DevFloof) has received a LOT of feedback from some of our senior doggo token frens. One heated suggestion led to another, and we’re now tentatively declaring CoinsBit to be our second exchange of choice after IndaSwap (they’ll always be our first).

Actually, we are so spiffing confident in this choice, that we’ve already added to our Telegram Pins a community donation tracker for our CoinsBit listing. Donations of 0.1BNB/0.25BNB or more will receive a new exclusive NFT, the second and third of it’s kind. Yet another kind thank-you to everyfloof that’s supported us this far.

Here’s some of the major benefits we’re getting from our friends over at CoinsBit:

  1. The brand recognition of the 7th biggest Exchange recognized by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  2. Not 1 or 2, but 3 trading pairs for SnowgeCoin.
  3. Marketing & Email campaigns. Trading Competitions too!
  4. Assistance with CMC and CG listings (as they’re a recognized exchange).

I hope this impresses everyone with the magnitude of our community efforts from working with CoinsBit!

That’s it so far with our recap for the last fortnight!

But wait, there’s more! A mysterious combined teaser with what else we’ve got cooking in the background with our outreach efforts!

Nyaa. Pop! *scythe*

That’s it! Figure it out yourselves, we haven’t completely figured it out ourselves yet, that’s for sure.

Look forward to our next few articles when I’m allowed to reveal more (or not at all) about our next stage of outreach collaboration.

Wanna get involved?! Reach out to any of us, or even the community on any of our platforms! Floofs lead the way! Floofs get it done!

🧩 Social Media:
Twitter: @SnowgeCoin
Reddit: /r/snowgecoin
Discord: https://discord.gg/qy3ymqazeJ
Telegram: t.me/snowgecoin
Website: Snowgecoin.com
Instagram: SnowgeCoin
Facebook: samoyed.mcfloofy



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